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Elder Abuse Awareness and Prevention

MedAmerica's Medical Director Patricia Bomba, MD, has led a quality initiative framing elder abuse as a growing and alarming public health issue that is present in every community, among all social strata. Elder abuse is underrecognized, underreported and underprosecuted - it is a hidden epidemic that results in:

  • increased mortality rates

  • unnecessary suffering, injury, pain, decreased quality of life,

  • loss or violation of human rights.

Any vulnerable older adult is at risk of elder mistreatment.

Types of elder abuse include physical, psychological, sexual, financial exploitation, self-neglect, abandonment and domestic violence of late life. While neglect is the most common form of elder abuse, financial exploitation is the fastest growing form of elder abuse and is frequently linked with other types of abuse.

The challenge for the community is to balance the duty to protect the safety of the vulnerable elder with the elder's right to self-determination.

The Bomba Letter is written by our medical director, Dr. Patricia Bomba, a well-known geriatrician with over twenty years of private practice. This monthly newsletter covers issues of interest on elder abuse and palliative care. To read The Bomba Letter in PDF, click on an issue below.

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Archived Issues:

Alcohol & Medication Don't Mix!
This brochure premiered at the May 23, 2002, Conference on Medical Implications of Elder Abuse & Neglect, hosted by MedAmerica's Medical Director, Patricia Bomba, M.D. It provides extensive information on the issue of older adult substance misuse by narrowing in on the effects of mixing alcohol and medication. In addition, it serves as a great reference too!


Elder Abuse Education
The Elder Abuse Diagnostic Tool and the Bomba CD are for health care professionals to assist them with the prevention of elder abuse.


Elder Abuse Diagnostic Tool: presented at the California Elder Abuse Conference by Dr. Patricia Bomba

Bomba CD-Rom: If you would like to receive a copy, please call 1-800-544-0327

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