Solution Selling Series
Selling FlexCare® Just Got Easier With Our Solution Selling Series!

Check out our NEW FlexCare Solution Selling Series and learn how to design FlexCare to fit six different market segments. This series of training presentations provides guidance as to what makes folks in each segment tick, how to present a solution that fits their unique needs, and offers up the specific features of FlexCare that would appeal to that client. These short, 5 minute videos make selling FlexCare incredibly simple.

MedAmerica - Solution Selling Series - Couples MarketCouples Market

Couples Market

MedAmerica is crazy about couples! Unique benefits and competitive discounts make FlexCare the ultimate solution for your couples clients.

MedAmerica - Solution Selling Series - Affluent MarketAffluent Market

Affluent Market

Designing the right plan for your affluent client is not as cut and dry as you may think! Learn how to determine which path will close the sale.

MedAmerica - Solution Selling Series - Ethnic MarketEthnic Market

Ethnic Market

Don't miss out on the huge opportunity you have to grow your sales by tapping into the ethnic market. Watch to learn what makes these clients tick.

MedAmerica - Solution Selling Series - Rural MarketRural Market

Rural Market

Clients who live in a rural setting share common threads that, when taken into account, can help you design exactly the right plan to close the sale.

MedAmerica - Solution Selling Series - Price SensitivePrice Sensitive Market

Price Sensitive Market

Pretty much any client you encounter is going to have some sensitivity to price, but this presentation hones in on how you can make LTCi accessible to the middle market.

MedAmerica - Solution Selling Series - Planner MarketThe Planner Market

The Planner - Coming Soon!

Positioning LTCi for the planner can be a tricky and time consuming task. Watch to learn some quick tips on how to make the sales process a little easier.

MedAmerica - Solution Selling Series - All Market SegmentsAll Market Segments

All Market Segments (15min)

Watch this 15 minute video to learn how FlexCare fits in several different market segments. Then watch the mini-modules to take a deeper dive into each!

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