Cyberattack Information
As first announced in September 2015, MedAmerica was a target of a sophisticated cyberattack. The security of personal information we collect and maintain is a top priority for us. We've been taking proactive steps to address this issue and continue to offer free identity protection services to those affected. Find out more at

Welcome NYPERL Eligibles!

Your Long Term Care Insurance Program

Because your employer recognizes your risk of needing long term care, you and members of your family are being offered long term care insurance as a voluntary employee benefit.

Why long term care?

Learn more about your risk of needing long term care and the expense of long term care services. You can also find information on the impact caregiving has on families. Click here to learn more.


Your plan's benefits and rates

Your employer has selected flexible plan designs with employees' various budget and financial needs in mind. To help you pick the plan that's right for you, you can review your plan overview and calculate your monthly premium with our rate calculator found on the Benefits & Rates page.

When you're ready to enroll, click on Enrollment Apply Online.

To speak to a representative, please call Customer Service
at 1-866-474-5824.

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