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What defines MedAmerica isn’t what we do, but who we are. Our organization is defined by our people — a collection of extraordinarily talented individuals and their collective passion for making lives better. They are the heart and soul of our company.


They display their passion both inside our walls, where they are trusted advisors in a time of need, and outside our walls, where they contribute to the success and well-being of the communities in which they live.

Whether participating in the American Heart Association Heart Walk, supporting the Ronald McDonald House, raising money for the United Way and Salvation Army, or buying Christmas gifts for families in need through CompassionNet and Hillside Children’s Center, our people are constantly finding ways to lend a helping hand. Of particular note is their work with LifeSpan, an organization committed to helping older adults and caregivers take on the challenges and opportunities of longer life. MedAmerica and its parent company have been primary sponsors of LifeSpan’s Celebration of Aging for many years.

Bill Naylon


“Being raised in part by grandparents that lived through the Great Depression, I appreciate the importance of being a responsible steward of insureds’ premiums, to make sure that MedAmerica is there to take care of people at claim time.” Bill’s fiscal disciplines coupled with his genuine desire to take care of people is a perfect combination to run a long term care company. He began working in Finance for our parent company in 1988, shortly after MedAmerica was created, and has overseen its growth from a small local insurer to a national leader in long term care insurance. What he loves most today is hearing how we have had a meaningful and positive influence on helping families navigate a long term care event for a loved one. His message to insureds? We are here to help you through a very difficult life event.

“Most people have no idea what resources are available to help their loved one through a long term care event. With us, they have a trusted advisor to help them get the services they need and the money to pay for them. It’s how we can reduce the overall anxiety level of the families we serve.”

Cheryl Bush

Senior Vice President, LTC Operations

One word comes to mind when listening to Cheryl talk about what she does – “passion”. She puts her whole heart into helping to make MedAmerica the best place it can be for her co-workers and for those we serve. A registered nurse, Cheryl worked hand in hand with patients for 10 years before joining MedAmerica in 1991. Today she oversees 2/3 of MedAmerica’s employees and feels the same connection to them as she did with her nursing patients.

“I truly feel like we are a family taking care of families. That’s unique.”

Mark Allyn

Vice President, LTC Risk Operations

As the head of MedAmerica’s Claims team, Mark takes pride in the compassionate guidance his staff brings to insureds and their family members during long term care events. His favorite motivational tool is sharing success stories with team members to show them how the work they do makes a real difference in people’s lives.

“I know we’re succeeding when I hear stories of staff members and family members of our insureds who are sad that they won’t be in contact with their personal care advisor any longer at the end of a claim. That’s special.”

Angela Hoteling-Rodriguez

Vice President, Compliance & Regulatory Affairs

As head honcho of MedAmerica’s Compliance department, Angela likes to think of her team as a lighthouse rather than a police squad. They show the way to ensure we work by the book every day. Angela experienced the benefits of long term care insurance firsthand when professionals came into the home to care for her uncle, who was suffering from cancer. “Suddenly I could see my aunt enjoying what she was well aware were going to be the last few months of his life. She didn’t have to do the chores – get him bathed, get him fed. She could just enjoy her time with him.” Angela’s team doesn’t work directly with insureds in this way, but that doesn’t make her any less proud of the important role they play.

“Even though I rarely speak to consumers, I love knowing that what I do all day long sets the company up to bring our customers what they need when the rubber meets the road.”

Jay Giess

Chief Actuary

As Chief Actuary, Jay helps keep MedAmerica on a strong financial footing so we can pay claims well into the future. He’s proud that his work ensures that we’ll always be able to keep our promises to those who put their trust in us. What impresses Jay most about the work his colleagues do is the care they take in treating each individual fairly and making sure family members fully understand their loved ones’ policies.

“Our insureds can pick up the phone and call someone who has dealt with hundreds of people in a similar circumstance that can walk them through the process. This alone is more valuable than I think people realize.”

Tammy DeRosa

Director of Finance

As MedAmerica’s Director of Finance, you might think Tammy is all about numbers. Well, she is. But not for the reason you would think. Her number one motivating factor is knowing that the work she does helps assure that the company is in a good financial position so that we can keep the promises we’ve made to each and every one of our customers. Having been with the company for 30 years, Tammy is fully invested in the company’s mission, and her passion for what we do shines through.

“Like any company, it’s important for MedAmerica to make money, but the reason we need to do that is so we have the ability to take care of the people who put their trust in us. At the end of the day, MedAmerica is simply a group of passionate people who really truly care and will do whatever it takes to make sure our customers get the support they need. That’s something I’m very proud of.”

Lisa Toscano

Director of Customer Service

Lisa’s wish for MedAmerica customers is that any time they hang up the phone with one of her staff members, they feel completely satisfied with the service they received and had all of their questions answered. Lisa started at MedAmerica as a Customer Service representative in 1995 and has never left. When asked to describe herself, she uses the words “loyal” and “passionate,” exactly what we need to lead our first line of communication. Lisa keeps many fond memories of interactions with our claimants close to her heart.

“One customer called me on a weekly basis for almost two years. She invited me to her home more than once and even asked me to send pictures from my wedding. She was like an aunt! I’ll never forget her.”

Mike Buddendeck

Director of Information Technology

“Like a dog with a bone.” That’s the way Mike says his co-workers describe him. It’s also an interesting way to describe MedAmerica’s determination to serve insureds in their time of need. As the newest member of our Leadership Team, Mike takes pride in leading by example. He is inspired by the level of caring he hears from our claims staff on the phone each and every day as they talk insureds and their family members through what can be a stressful situation.

“Every day my team and I get to impact our company in a positive way, either increasing efficiency or adding new capabilities that our customers didn’t have before. That is very fulfilling to me.”

Pam Vincent

LTC Administrative Manager

Pam tells us, “The people who work here are very caring and it’s not fake. They truly want to make a difficult situation easier for those we serve and their families.” Maybe that’s why she’s been with MedAmerica since 1991, serving in our Finance department for 22 years before accepting her new role working closely with our President. She also credits the respect and friendship of her co-workers for her longevity at our company, as well as her belief in our mission.

“My hope for our customers is that they see in us what we see in each other – that we really do care.”